Thanking Father’s Day–Love Cooler Bag Wholesale

Prepare lunch & dishes with your own hands and put it in the cooler bag to keep warm and convey love on this Father’s Day!

Love Meal Cooler Bag

Living with father in everyday life and depending on each other, but sometimes we feel serious and awkward, even hard to show emotions to him correctly.However, he is always giving love by acting instead of words. As their children, we can prepare fresh and healthy lunch with our own hands to hard-working father.Let’s storage dishes in the cooler bag to keep warm and convey love on this Father’s Day!

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Outside Travel Picnic / Lunch / Food / Beer Cooler Bag

On this festival, put your love meal in this cooler bag and take it to father’s working place, don’t forget to add a little card or stickers to show your love to him.Even if how embarrassed to say love, by this warm surprise, you can express your mind well to him. In addition to this, you also can put bread, pasta, dessert or beers in the cooler bag to outside picnic. Come to enjoy the beautiful and fresh food moment in the afternoon.

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How to customize own waterproof lunch cooler bag

Our cooler bags can keep your food and drinks well, it can maintains temperature up to 2-3 hours.
The surface layer made from Polyester, the water resistant material, it can avoid wetting the dishes when a sudden rain. We also provide customized service, changing material and attachment like add inner pockets or buttons, the thickness, patterns and handle length based on your needs.

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