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The fashion red cold bag is easy to storage and carry out, we can customize it based on your needs.

Go picnicking or camping on weekends / holidays

How many people are busy at work on weekdays and hard to release the pressure? Owing to picnic supplies are becoming more and more convenient, outing and picnic have gained popularity. So, let’s take a weekend break to go picnicking / camping with family and friends by car! Chatting and dining on the sunny lawn can stay away from the busy. Enjoy the moment of relaxation and refresh yourself to regain energy.

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Fashion / convenience / multi-function red cooler bag

Drive to picnic / camp with family and friends by car, you might as well take this red stylish upright cold stool. It can be used as a small refrigerator and seat, saving space in the trunk. This cooler folding stool is sturdy and durable, 16L large capacity can hold about 10 bottles. It can cold 2-3 hours, the inner aluminum foil can be placed with ice or coolant to enhance the cooling effect. The outer layer is made of waterproof Oxford cloth, which can be folded up for easy storage and carrying when not in use.

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It's a good choice as a product or a gift

The fabric thickness, pattern, color and style of this fashionable cold folding stool can be customized according to your needs, the stitching part can also be reinforced to increase bearing and durability. It's designed to make it easier for fishing, shrimp lovers, or camping barbecues for meat, seafood, and use as seats. It can be used as a good or gift for a fishing tackle or a camping shop.

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