What makes Americans crazy about tidy up and how they are inspired? 

At the beginning of 2019, Netflix published the reality program with Japanese tidy master- Marie Kondo. In 2015, Marie Kondo was selected by Time magazine as “the 100 most influential people in the world”.  She laughed that she would be excited to see messy environments in the show. After half a month, this show has already inspired American the donation of second-hand items and the trend of Spark joy!


When you watch Tidying with Marie Kondo, you will not only be laying on your couch all day, one episode and another one. You will have a small seed of desire started to grow up in your mind...and actions!


Why Tidying up with Marie Kondo is different?

It just looks "how to tidy your stuff in life", yet It’s not typically home organization show.  It’s such a big charm! You can see on the social community, there are a lot of posts tagged with #konmarimethod, sharing how they practice of Spark joy and the practice change. it’s not our first time to hear and learn “how to organizing your house” or “ how to store your stuff efficiently.  But why Marie kondo can make this thing so popular and people are going bananas?

Have you ever thankful for your product as a human?

Let’s picture it, when we decide to tidy the house, we saw a jean and it reminds us that it is so old fashion and lame, and we haven’t worn it for many years. What kind of thought on your mind to throw it away?  My friend told me he will say that ” "Go to hell! Stupid 90s shiny style!" just kidding

However,  Marie Kondo makes things reverse. For her, "Right now" is "everything you have will be thrown away unless you can say it has a good reason to stay." This theory of thinking subverts "The principle of maintaining a presence" and become the power of change magically.

When you are tidying, you should choose "things to stay", not choose "things to be throw away."  Regarding the standard for selecting items, she made the conclusion: "Does it a spark joy when you touch it?" Take your items one by one, leave what makes you feel the spark joy, and throw away items that do not have this feeling. This is the easiest and correct way to decide.

Thanks to your items. It is definitely not because of the emotional abuse or being drama queen; it is a possibility that you will be more cautious when you take them as life.

Whether in the book or in the shows, we can see that Marie Kondo had a strong emphasis on saying "thank you" that when you want to throw away your items, you must say thank for it. This is not insults or strange rituals. In my opinion, this action also has three meanings: First, the Japanese are originally a nation that pays attention to etiquette and has gratitude for all things. They will say: "いただきます" before eating, which means that they have received the grace from all things. Therefore, for the used items, she will develop such concepts and actions as Japanese, and it is not difficult to understand.

Secondly, you have to anthropomorphize your items so that it is possible to deal with the items more carefully, and it is possible to get rid of the impulse shopping in the future.

Lastly, as she expressed in the show, which helps to eliminate the guilty feelings when people throw away things. Many people can't throw away things, not because of the desire for keeping them, but because they feel hard to let them go. For that reason, throwing everything away makes them feel guilty.  So if you have emotions about your stuff, It's better to change another mindset. You can thank them for their companionship, which can reduce people's guiltiness and make sure again about their determination and the future they want.


How to make sure Spark joy? It only takes three steps


First of all. Finish it as quickly and completely as possible!

You have to set the deadline for yourself and finish it in once, also it can be a week or a month. Please avoid the endless work of "organize a little bit every day", because it will consume your patience.

"Don't think it as daily work, it's a special event, like a festival."


Second, don't tidy by "location", tidy by "category"

Some people are used to follow the sequence to tidy each room, tidying the room today, and then tidying the living room tomorrow. But Marie Kondo suggested that if you want to start cleaning, you should distinguish by category. For example, if you want to tidy books, then concentrate all the books in one area. Then you can "see" all the books you own and go on to the next step: Does it motivate the "Spark joy"? To do this, we must think about the "item category" and put all the same things together and make decisions.

The specific scene is as follows:

  1. First decide: "I want to tidy my clothes!"
  2. Next, collect all the clothes from your home, spread them on the floor. Then one thing in one hand, leaving only make you feel spark joy.
  3. Then follow these steps and judge all the things by "item category". When there are a lot of clothes, you can follow the upper body, lower body, socks, underwear, etc. to make a further detailed classification, and then judge one by one.

Lastly, Does it make you feel spark joy?

Surely take each item on your hand (don't just look at it), touch and feel what your body reacts. When you touch it, you have feelings of your heart, that is what you have to keep it.


What EEWIN can do? How EEWIN can involve in this project? 

When I was trying to tidy my room and kitchen, I found a lot of plastic bags from groceries and stores. I asked myself “Why I keep them?”  maybe because I always think that "it's convenient, I will use it somewhere." or "I keep it just in case" or " I will use it to do groceries next time"  You know, eco-friendly! especially it’s how I am doing. Then I realized that I have so many thoughts to keep these" in case". These items for me, I never remember them, I never count how many I have. These plastic bags will not make me feel spark joy. In the opposite, I feel annoying since these bags are more than I thought.

As the reusable bag supplier and eco-friendly company, we should be a good example and try hard to reduce these "non-spark joy" bags. It’s just should have a higher standard, not only about business. Besides, We learned and got the benefits from this show, it also inspires us that what we are doing can help people and the environment. We will still make high-quality and useful promotional bags for our customers, Our goal is making them feel "Spark joy" and feel proud of themselves when they take it out.

Do you want to make Spark-joy promotional bags? Contact us!



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