Promotional bags

Customized School Full Color Non woven 100g Recycling Bags Wholesale

This Non Woven shopping bag can be folded. The size can be customized to your needs.

Product Description:

We are recycling bags wholesaler, whether you are looking for custom promotional bags with logo or fun gifts for your sports team or school, we have the customized bags to meet your needs. Non woven 100g Recycling Bags are very comfortable and suitable for travel and school. Lightweight, high capacity, and heavy duty bags is the best choice for school.The creatives markets are popular recent years. This bag also can be put in some special goods conveniently.This bag can replace the paper bag for gift, it’s design is more creative and eco-friendly, it also can be reused.


。It can be holiday gift also collected small things.

。Without handle, it looks like a paper bag.

。It can have the handle with die cutting.

。It's a durable and reusable bag.

。A great variety of models and accessories.

。It's an innovative gift bag.


。Printing:Large area, colorful pictures with heat transfer, full color printing
。Material:Non-woven, canvas and jute
。Attachment:With plastic buttons, cotton /nylon rope, sturdy webbing, label

Bag production process Q & A

Could the bags be printed with my exclusive LOGO?

No matter the artwork has been provided by customer or made by EEWIN team, we could print it on the bag. The consumers can receive a fine bag and enable a long-term use. The advertising effect is quite large and it also does a second promotion for you.

Could EEWIN provide the size of the bag or design style and printing design?

No matter the style or design of the bag, EEWIN professional team is quite happy to do an exclusive plan for you.

If I want to make other kind of bag or premium, could EEWIN provide it?

EEWIN could offer diverse gift products. As long as you have any ideas and desired products, please feel free to contact us.
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