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There are many kinds of material can be chosen, no matter what kind of bags you want, we can satisfy all you need.

Common materials introduction

There are many kinds of environment-friendly shopping bag materials. Generally, the most common ones are non-woven cloth, canvas bag and Oxford cloth.
Non-woven fabrics are widely used because of their breathability, antibacterial, durability and low cost. If you want to load something heavy, you can use a thicker non-woven fabric to increase the weight resistance. It can also be a gift.
Canvas is often made into bags because of its hard texture and abrasion resistance. Young people like canvas bags because of the original color and simple design, also the high durability and waterproof function.
The Oxford cloth is a common material for drawstring bags, it is waterproof and light, easy to carry out with simple items.

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non-woven and oxford

The features and purposes of materials

Nonwoven fabrics are very versatile because it is breathable, soft, easy to grow, folding resistant, insulating, rainproof, tough, antibacterial, hygienic, high water-absorbing quality and low price. They can be made into eco shopping bags, masks, packaging materials, sanitary materials, etc. They are everywhere in our life.
Felt has the function of shock absorption and thermal function, it suitable for making all kinds of cold weather supplies, padding materials, shoes or hats.
Oxford cloth is light, soft, waterproof and durable.
Velvet is glossy, soft and thick, wear-resistant not easy to wrinkle, also warm and comfortable.
Canvas is thick, waterproof, hard and wear-resistant.
Cotton cloth has the feature of moisture absorption and good air permeability. It is often used to make clothes.
Linen is rough and breathable. It has the feature of being washable, sun-resistant, antiseptic and antibacterial.  It can be used to make environmentally friendly packaging, arts and crafts gifts.

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cotton and canvas

Customize your bags with materials, size, and design.

We are customized shopping bags manufacturer, can provide many kind of materials for you. No matter the high quality gifts bags you want with comfortable texture made from flannel, or hard-touched, durable and wear-resistance cloth made from canvas, we all can provide our services to you. There are many kind of colors, sizes and accessories, we can customize based on your needs, welcome to call us!

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