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Advertisement printed canvas tote bags are the best choice. Canvas bag is a popular product now. And we can provide you customized canvas bag.

1. Canvas thickness is moderate, do not need to worry about the problem of be damaged easily.
2. Using cross stitch on handle, let the items without falling, are sewed binding inside, looks more beautiful and durable.
Can be used as a university bag, large capacity can hold more textbooks, and durable, using four years is not a problem. Added a tag can also be used as a product that promote movie or school. In the handle, can choose different colors of cloth, to increase the overall richness, also have coordination with the color of the pattern 


          1. Standard : Canvas bag with bottom and no side, stable and durable or customized
          2. Color : Cute pattern on white background
          3. Printing way : Single-sided with multi-color printing
          4. Size :34x38x7cm
          5. Handles : 60.5cm
          6. Material : Thick texture of canvas, solid and wear resistant
          7. Fabric thickness : Moderate thickness, soft cloth
          8. Strength :10kg up
          9. Customized : OEM, ODM
          10. MOQ: 500 pcs per item ( design assortment)
          11. Export to : All country
          12. Shipping time : 30 days after confirm order and sample
          13. Sample time : 10 days after confirm artwork

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