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Non-woven bag

Non-woven is a new material of eco-friendly. Its function includes breathable, soft, foldable, waterproof, tough, excellent antibacterial property, non-toxic and non-irritating This material is cheaper and reusable, suit any company as an advertisement or promotion, such as the non-woven bag or non-woven PP laminated.

Who and where can promote your brand and recall it every time they use it?


  • People like take those bags out for the grocery shopping because it is easy to fold and light.
  • School or government department, they can put the working and studying materials into the bag.
  • Environmentally friendly is a tendency, people will like to avoid disposable plastic and willing to use shopping bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Outside activities, its like marathon souvenir, picnic bag, and short-term travel

You can choose any special extra feature you want

  •  Your company logo
  • Customized different sizes
  • The thickness of the adjustment, from 30-120g.
  • Waterproof or PP laminated.
  • The Straps: Shoulder bag /Tote bag/Backpack /Drawstring
  • Add features: Handy pockets/zipper /Velcro closure/Snap button/Insert pocket/Cord pull/ Cooler
  • Mini order: Start from 300



Our one-stop services and high-quality producing have been attracting different types of companies have cooperated with us, like Disney, Target, Coca-cola, various government departments, and other enterprises in the world.



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