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Burlap bag

Burlap has the characteristics of breathable and refreshing, soft and comfortable, washable, antiseptic and antibacterial. Generally used to make casual wear, environmental protection bags, product packaging bags, artists’ stretched painting, and sandbags for flooding emergency. On another advantage of burlap fabric is it made entirely from natural vegetable fibers, it is completely biodegradable! That’s why it symbolizes environmental-friendly.

Burlap is a woven fabric usually made from the skin of the jute plant, or sisal fibers. Nowadays, people like to use this material to make various products and bags to symbolize environmental-friendly and natural life.

It has different called in different countries, such like hessian shopping bag is popular in China and Australia, burlap bag and linen bag are a well-known name in American, jute tote bags are famous in England.


Who and where can promote your brand and recall it every time when they use burlap bag?

  • If you are a coffee shop owner, and your shop is advocating natural and fair trade bean. You can use hessian bags put in coffee beans which you are selling,  this fabric of packing can improve your impression of your shop.
  • Farmer's Market can use this fabric of bag to promote brands, this fabric of bag can carry food and other medium-weight objects, If you make designful bags for your shoppers, they will like to take it to any market when they are shopping.
  • Burlap is also a commonly used material for flood prevention sandbags. The government can use this material bag to promote flood prevention works or related activities.
  • Wedding gifts for guests or decoration for the wedding place, which can make your wedding looks fancier and warmer.
  • Environmentally friendly is a tendency, people will like to avoid disposable plastic and willing to use shopping bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Outside activities, it is like marathon souvenir, picnic bag, and short-term travel.


  • You can choose any special extra feature to customize your bag

    • Your company logon

    • Customized different sizes and features.

    • The thickness can be adjusted.

    • The Types: Shoulder bag /Tote bag/ Handbag/ Drawstring/ compartment/

    • Additional features: Handy pockets/ zipper / Velcro closure/ Compartment/ Snap button/ Insert pocket/ Cord pull/ Magnetic Button/ Ribbon/ Embroidery/ Buckle/ Leather

    • Mini order: Start from 300

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