Material Questions

Polyester bag

Polyester is also called PET, It's very durable and abrasion resistant, resists water, dries quickly, resists stretching and shrinking, easy to clean, may be dry cleaned.

This material is lighter,  handier, and easily fold it to the small piece putting in the bag. “D” is short for Denier, The amount of D is more grown, the material of density is bigger and thicker.  

It suits companies use this material as an advertisement or promotion bags for their clients, such as shopping bags or drawstring bags.


Who and where can promote your brand and recall it every time they use it?

  • People like take those bags out for the grocery shopping because it is easy to fold and light.
  • Sport team members would like the bag which has the features thicker, lighter, and waterproof, they will like put exercise stuff into the bag.
  • If your company is relative to food, fresh meats, and desserts, this material is the best choice for making cooler bags. Your customers will reuse it when they go to picnics or buy fresh food.
  • Environmentally friendly is a tendency, people will like to avoid the disposable plastic and willing to use shopping bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Outside activities, it's like marathon souvenir, picnic bag, and short-term travel.

You can choose any special extra feature you want

  • Your company logo
  • Customized different sizes
  • The thickness of the adjustment, there are the most common choices  210D/420D/600D.
  • The Straps: Shoulder bag /Tote bag/Backpack /Drawstring/ PE bags
  • Add features: Handy pockets/zipper /Velcro closure/Snap button/Insert pocket/Cord pull/ Cooler
  • Mini order: Start from 300


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