Oriental Chinese Style Printed Design Tote Bag Manufacturer

The Oriental Chinese Style Bag combine tradition and modern design, it can bring your company or brand special and eye-catching.

The three main Chinese traditional festivals

Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival are the three main traditional festivals in China, people pray for health and family reunion in these festivals though the origins are not the same. In the Chinese New Year, Chinese use the color red to symbolize good luck and pray for a good beginning. Families have reunion dinner on New Year's Eve. Dragon Boat Festival is a day wish for Agricultural Harvest, Health and commemorate a patriotic poet, Chinese also enjoy rice dumplings, dragon boat activities on this day. In the traditional Moon festival, Chinese enjoy moon cakes and pomelos (Chinese pronunciation similar to pray for children), praying for families members to get together.

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Chinese style gift bag


Customized Chinese style design promotional shopping tote bag

Nowadays, Chinese culture and custom are prevailing in the world, more and more people like Chinese dishes like dumplings, rise dumplings and moon cakes. Therefore, we design this Customized Chinese style tote bag, it’s suitable for packaging with gift on festivals and brand promotion activities, also can be the gift with purchase. We provide Oriental Style sample bags for your reference or you can design patterns and printing methods based on your needs.


Printing processes and different visual effects

We provide Thermal transfer: Ink penetrates directly into the fabric fiber, with high permeability, full color, suitable for colorful patterns, will not fade. Screen printing: suitable for mass production, color block design, good texture and low price. In addition, the film can be added: the transparent plastic film through the hot pressure on the surface of the printed matter, to protect and increase the role of gloss. Besides, EEWIN also can print product catalogue and activity leaflet for your company, printing options are available.

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